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Why salary is so important

Money money money... It is a bit tasteless to say money is important. It is trendy to say that I look for my purpose, fulfillment, reason to exist. It is all fine.  But money is important. The thing is, that... Continue Reading →


Combining work and family: corporate perspective

I think one of the biggest challenge for working parents is how to combine the two key areas (work and family) in their lives. I know a lot of  people (actually, only women) who claim that work is only there... Continue Reading →

1st birthdays

I have not posted in nearly 3 months. It has been a challenging and busy time. Baby V has started in a daycare institution (vuggestue in danish) and I have left my corporate job. No, I am not taking up... Continue Reading →

“Having it all” and men

I have always believed that feminism (should) reward men just as much as women. Feminism is (although often misunderstood) as advocacy of equality of sexes. It has traditionally focused on women's rights  - for many good reasons. However, I do... Continue Reading →

What we are good at (and how we are bad at showing that)

I was reading an article about Chantal Patel today. She is one of the few female partners at a lawyer company, which apparently has hard time keeping its female talents. According to her, many women get demotivated when during lunch or... Continue Reading →

Why “face time” is working mother’s worst enemy

I was a bit naive when I got my first real office job in 2007. I thought that what really matters is results, that good ideas and initiatives are always welcome. Girl (instead of boy, just for a change), was... Continue Reading →

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