Secret Life of a Mother

Irony and whining about 'having it all'



What to do with this tiny being? Favorite blogs.

For some reason many people describe life with a tiny baby as a horrible nightmare. There is no time to shower or even go to bathroom! There is definitely no time to eat. You will be happy if you will... Continue Reading →

Literature: baby manuals reviewed

Like many others, I have read a ton of baby -related books and some were more useful than others. Everybody is looking for a manual how to operate this little being, but the truth is that there is no one... Continue Reading →

How does my day with 6 week old look like

This is my second child and although my first one is only 3 years old, I have already forgotten so many things. How were my days like with a newborn back then? Was it the same? What did I do?... Continue Reading →

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