I have not posted in nearly 3 months. It has been a challenging and busy time. Baby V has started in a daycare institution (vuggestue in danish) and I have left my corporate job. No, I am not taking up full time blogging, which would have been pretty sad considering how active I have been…

No, I have decide to become self-employed and joined my husband in our shared consulting and sales service company. I will not share many details about it here as what exactly our company does is not important (for this blog). It has been a large part of my life for some time now, as even though I was still employed and dedicated in my previous job, I was also involved in various discussions about this company, helped (or disturbed) with my opinions and feedback. But it was time for turning point and I have decided this is what I will do for now.

As it has been quite obvious from this blog, I have always been interested in good work life, balance between family and work, gender equality and equal opportunities at work etc. It has been a huge driver for me to start working for myself and only suffer consequences of what I have  not done or have done wrongly. I.e. I cannot blame my boss, or my boss’es boss as that would still be me. It is not easy, but at least I am at the steering wheel and it is up to me how I turn it and where I get to.

Our company has turned 1 year old recently. Just like baby V, who was born just a few days after. I hope they both will grow – in ambitious, but healthy way.

We are not celebrating company anniversaries, but baby V got 2 parties: one in vuggestue and one at home with us and her baby friends. She managed to sleep through the first one, but still ate sugar free date balls and sugar free wholegrain banana muffins all of her awake time.  The second time went better and she even managed to blow the first candle – with her sister’s help. It is somewhere in-between these two parties she really started walking. That means – she is officially a toddler.

Two first birthdays and two transitions in a few weeks. Now hope for some stability to find our balance again.