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August 2017

Time goes so fast…

Our little baby V is no longer a baby.... We have celebrated her first b-day nearly a month ago and yesterday we celebrated her baptism. It was a wonderful celebration with our closest family and friends and it went so... Continue Reading →


Tolerance, where are you gone?

I used to be a tolerant person. Meaning that I was very much for full personal freedom. As long as you do not hurt anybody, then do what you want. That, of course, changed after I had kids. It changed... Continue Reading →

Mother’s body

I have never really been very happy with my body. As a child, I was not the fastest because (as I have learned just recently) I have hyper mobile joints, which makes it more difficult to achieve high speed and... Continue Reading →

1st birthdays

I have not posted in nearly 3 months. It has been a challenging and busy time. Baby V has started in a daycare institution (vuggestue in danish) and I have left my corporate job. No, I am not taking up... Continue Reading →

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