We have had many little projects recently and one of them was to create a shared room for my two girls (nearly 4 yrs and nearly 9 months). We have successfully executed last Sunday and they have been sharing the room since.

I was happy they have slept and played there without any problems falling or staying asleep, without any fears or fights over toys, clothes, sharing the same space etc. Having expected the worst, I was delighted and happy it turned out so well.


Well, it seems I have completely underestimated the success. Last night baby V woke up around 1 am and started making some noises (not crying). She sometimes does that and often settles back to sleep, thus we did not rush into the room. It seemed that she calmed down, but my husband went to the room just to check on her. Guess what, the Toddler was standing next to the crib, shushing and handing the pacifier to her little sister. She then went back to bed like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Having children is a lot of work and a lot of compromises. In happiness surveys, on average, having children makes people less happy. But it also gives these huge short spikes of happiness that you otherwise would not experience. These are the moments when you understand it is all worth it.