I was reading an article about Chantal Patel today. She is one of the few female partners at a lawyer company, which apparently has hard time keeping its female talents. According to her, many women get demotivated when during lunch or coffee breaks they hear male colleagues telling how important their job is. These women then think that they are sitting with “a simple task”, while their male colleagues are getting all of the exciting, challenging ones.

But that is not true. According to Chantal, women simply need to get better at presenting their work as important and be better at “showing off” what they are good at, i.e. portray all of the good sides and simply keep everything else silent.

I could not agree more. I have seen this happening again and again: men talking about how good they are (both when they were indeed very good and not so much so) and women waiting to be praised. Did I just say “have seen this happening”? I mean “have done it”. I even have done ” being praised and said it was nothing” thing. Why? I do not even know!

All I do know is that it for sure did not help me, ever. Because it has not so much to do with being humble (which is very useful), but more with being bad at presenting myself. Telling why what I do is important and believing in it.

That’s why it’s my (not so much New Year’s) resolution to learn it and embrace it – and then hope that my daughters will not struggle with this as much as I do.