There are many things about having a child that are not much fun (nicely said): sleepless nights, dirty diapers, crying, growth spurts, teething etc. But all of this can still be see as positive: it is how children develop or simply signal that everything is ok (yes, not enough crying or eating at nights can be a bad sign).

But here is one thing that absolutely sucks, but is a natural part of everyone’s life: illnesses. I stressed the word natural because most people see it as positive. Since i’ve had children, I saw the other side of nature: evil and cold-hearted. Luckily, we have science, which makes it so much better than 100, even 50 years ago, but still…

The truth is, there is nothing worse than seeing your child being sick. It is million times worse than being sick yourself. As an adult, you can at least  understand what is going on, know that treatment may be needed and may be unpleasant, but it is for the best. And in the worst case, at least you had some time to live and enjoy the life for some years. It is completely opposite for a child and it really does not help that their immune systems are immature.

We just went through an illness period in our family. It was ONLY chicken pox, simple cold and some kind of respiratory virus, but has caused a lot of misery. Especially for baby V, whose routines got completely messed up,  just by the simplest cold. She was not able to nurse normally, use her pacifier and, therefore, sleep. She was hungry, but at the same time frustrated and not able to eat. I tried to use salt water and nose sucker device and both had a small effect, but in the short run turned my sweet girl into a roaring lion. That’s how much she hated it.

Here, I complain about a simple cold, but there are so many worse things. Many serious illnesses and conditions, from horrible infections to genetic diseases. Then add to that all kinds of accidents… Enough worries  for 10 lives.

But I *try* to take it positively. Every time I change a dirty diaper, or get baby food spit straight into my face, I try to think: “these are the good things. These are the signs of a healthy, well functioning child. I have to enjoy it, right here, right now”.