For some reason many people describe life with a tiny baby as a horrible nightmare. There is no time to shower or even go to bathroom! There is definitely no time to eat. You will be happy if you will be able to change your 1 week old spotted t-shirt with 6 days worth of baby puke. Oh the diaper nightmare! You will be changing them non stop and you will be showered in baby poop multiple times a day. You will not sleep at all for months, maybe years. You will forget your own name and your baby’s name. Your home will be a wreck… but no worries, you will also forget how to find your home once you leave it, so it is not a bit issue…

The truth is, that’s not the case at all. Maybe for a few days, max a couple of weeks. It is all solvable and many things solve by itself. Babies quickly learn to separate day and night, learn to eat, diapers are more consolidated and regular, sleep while disturbed, is possible. Memory is quickly regained. Home tidiness? Well, organized people will remain organized, thus it is not baby’s fault if that is not the case…

The truth is, there will be a lot of time where you will not really know what to do. You cannot really start any big activity because babies don’t really sleep that long (or at least they for sure wake up right when you find what to do) and when they are awake, they are not that entertaining. It sure is cute to look at them for some time, but it quickly gets “too much of the same”.

That’s when I start looking for some good sources on what to do with this tiny being. How to make sure I support her development as well as I can and also that we both have some fun on the way. Or at least calm my heart that what she is able to do or some weird behaviors are completely normal.

Here is a bunch of my favorite blogs on this topic:

  1. Developmental Gym Super interesting blog with practical tips on how to “train” babies or toddlers, how to get their attention and motivation to do it. There is a special part on joint hypermobility, which is specifically interesting for me as I myself and my older daughter have this tendency and I suspect baby V might as well. It also has a very useful GAMES section.
  2. Can do kiddo Blog written by an occupational therapist, with a focus on milestones, playing as well as how to prevent situations like choking, conditions like flat head or baby gear caused issues.
  3. MamaOT Another occupational therapist blog. A lot of info on milestones, toys, fie motor skills etc. My favourite posts are those that give very practical descriptions on how to encourage development, like this one, because they provide not only the self-understandable points that many articles include, but also some of those that I would not have thought of myself or have seen anywhere else.
  4. Starfish Therapies Focus on milestones and not just physical ones, but also cognition, communication etc. This includes many great links to sources – something I miss in many blogs written by “just moms” rather than specialists. They also have a great Pinterest site with tons of links and ideas.
  5. Baby Centre Weekly activities. Baby centre is a monster site and whenever you search for something baby related, at least one suggestion will lead to it. Many of them are leading to their forums or blogs, which contain a lot of questionable info. However, the weekly suggestions are great! Both me and my husband used this with our first child a lot.