6 weeks ago I wrote this post on how a day with a 6 week old looks like. Now baby V is double as old, nearly double as heavy and more than double as smart as back then (evaluated by me, of course).

Has it gotten easier? Yes and no. Yes, because we know each other better. Because V has learned to fall asleep by herself, goes to bed 7PM and allows me to have plenty of time for myself and because now we can have little “chats” that probably look very suspicious from the outside, but we understand each other:

Baby V: brrthl

Me: Brrrrrr

Baby V: prthzz

Me: Prrrr

Baby V: blows saliva bubbles

Me: laughing out loud until I get spit in my face.

As I promised myself, I am once again documenting how our days look like, so the internets  can remember (as I know I will quickly forget) it even when baby V gets very old and wise (e.g. 14, I was very very wise as 14 year old, as least my perception of how much I knew was such back then).

A day with a 12 week old

00:15 The day (ahem, night) starts. Baby V has a night snack and fills her diaper. So much, that it goes all over. She gets a new diaper and new PJs, while new bedsheets  for me will have to wait until the morning.

4:15 Nearly morning feed. Mmm, after whole 4 hours of sleep for me, this is pure luxury.

6:00 Good morning! I try to put miss V back to sleep, but she is very keen to chat. She does not want to eat, just talk talk talk. I just want to sleep sleep sleep. We “fight” like this for an hour. Baby wins.

7:15 My older daughter starts singing in her bed. Now it is time to not just wake up, but really get out of bed. Baby V takes an opportunity to get her morning milk (served in bed! how comfortable!) and needs a diaper change – badly. Another set of clothes goes for washing. I seriously do not know how people survived before washing machines…

Big sister gets her breakfast and dresses up while the little one plays in “baby gym”. Dressing up is of course not so straightforward, because 3 year old princess needs to  choose absolutely the best outfit and hairdo possible. While the toddler ponders, which colour fits best to her blue top, I do the laundry. I thank myself for buying IKEA mattress, that has a removable cover that can be washed in high temperatures. I also feel a bit sorry we did not settle on IKEA couch with removable and fully washable cover, but a super expensive designer couch with un-removable gentle wool cover, which now has juice stains all over…

8:30 Now the baby is tired. Miss Grumpus goes to sleep, while big sister goes to kindergarten. Now I can drink that cup of coffee that I made 7:30 and that by now is cold and disgusting. It is amazing how often this happens!

9:30 Baby is fresh and ready to play. V is no longer keen on just lying on my chest and looking around. No no, little lady needs entertainment. Bring in the songs, the toys, the big yoga ball, the mirror! Baby needs fun and games!

10:30 Hungry again. V eats like there is no tomorrow and we change yet another outfit due to overfilled diaper. I take out the laundry that is just washed and the machine is basically filled with dirty ones again….

11:00 Exhausted and needs to sleep asap! We get out for a walk and buy some things on the way. The best thing is that V has finally learned to sleep her naps in the standing pram (before it was just on the move), so I can take a break and drink some tea in a cafe on the way. Ok ok, not just tea, cake too… This is one of the benefits of breastfeeding.

13:30 We are home and V is ready to eat. She eats enormous amount, then burps enormous amount back and is of course hungry again. We spent 30 min just doing that (which is long for my super fast eater who has never been slow at eating and has never taken more than 20 min before- oh the joys of growth spurts!).

14:00 More fun and games. My inventiveness is reduced to minimum by this time of the day. We repeat the old and then I read her an article about new metrics of corporate performance. She does not mind. Mom has to do what she has to do. It is enough of children books ready for my big girl, the baby can listen to what I want to read sometimes.

15:15 Baby V sleeps while we go to pick up her older sister from kindergarten. She of course wakes up the moment we come in and demands to go inside together.

16:00 We leave kindergarten – the toddler just does not want to leave and needs to show all the drawings she has done and all the toys she has played with. I lure her to go with me by promising to make a scrapbook with her. Hope that attention (rather than things) based bribes are not going to damage her…

16:30 Finally home. We of course had to take “the long way”, pick up a few sticks on the way, look at shop windows and have a few stops to eat apple (one cannot eat while walking, you know)…

17:00 Baby still sleeps, thus I hurry to make dinner while the toddler plays football outside. I manage to prepare it and shove it for the last part to the oven and hear the V calling out for food. So much for a small break!

17:40 We eat dinner while V plays with her little book with no words, but plenty of sound making folds. I am amazed by her patience and focus. Then again, it’s easy for me to say it’s no challenge to reach and grab.

18:30 V goes to bath, while big sister bangs my head with a book.

18:56 V refuses to eat because she is too tired. I put her to bed.

19:00 V refuses to sleep because she is too hungry. Feeding once again.

19:15 Baby is now too tired to sleep. Yes, that is actually not a joke and not funny at all when you experience it. The sound of an overtired (by 15 min only) baby is a torture tool, way worse than any ever invented.

19:30 Baby is sound asleep. Now the fun starts!

21:30 Mini snack. For the baby, of course.

00:00 We all go to bed. V gets another meal delivered before the “long” night sleep.