I hate weather forecasts. I mean, I would love the concept of knowing what to expect. But from my experience, they are so inaccurate that they create false expectations.

You see, I walk a lot. Being on maternity leave means that walking is now part of my job. I even got “pram tan”: similar to t-shirt tan, but especially visible on my hands, where fingers remain white and the rest of the hand  get a nice golden color, clearly marking the only exposed area when holding the pram.

I have a small competition with myself, how many steps I will walk, what interesting route I can invent this time, how many audio books I can finish in one week. Can I time the walk well enough to hit a good bench just in time for breastfeeding? How many swans will I see? This is just so much fun.


Except one thing: the weather. Where I live, it is common to say “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes”. I could not disagree more. One might be warm and dry under the special clothes and shoes, but it is still not much fun to walk around when it is pouring down, wind is hard and blowing straight into the face and dark clouds are covering each ray of sun for the 10th day in a row.

Therefore, the project manager in me tries to predict, plan, execute, even if the project is just (7 daily miles) a walk with the baby. This is where weather forecasts come in. They are just so bad that even the same day hour to hour forecast will fail. I have experienced this many times, coming home wet like a homeless dog or staying at home and looking through the window into a warm and sunny afternoon where the prediction was just rain rain rain.