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September 2016

Baby friendly fitness – my first experience

My baby is 8 weeks today and I (not the baby, me) have reached a milestone: got a green light from my doctor to start seriously exercising. It seems I was a bit conservative in my ¬†approach to this. At... Continue Reading →


What’s different second time around

Having my first daughter was an extraordinary experience, changing everything: my title (i.e. from non/mother to mother), priorities (from myself to my child), free time (from everything after work, to only when the child sleeps or I have a babysitter)... Continue Reading →

How does my day with 6 week old look like

This is my second child and although my first one is only 3 years old, I have already forgotten so many things. How were my days like with a newborn back then? Was it the same? What did I do?... Continue Reading →

Why I hate weather forecasts

I hate weather forecasts. I mean, I would love the concept of knowing what to expect. But from my experience, they are so inaccurate that they create false expectations.

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