Secret Life of a Mother

About 'having it all'

My breastfeeding story

It has taken me very long time to finish this post. I was not exactly super proud of my experience, but at the same time I think it is super important to share experiences that are not usual, not perfect,... Continue Reading →


Time goes so fast…

Our little baby V is no longer a baby.... We have celebrated her first b-day nearly a month ago and yesterday we celebrated her baptism. It was a wonderful celebration with our closest family and friends and it went so... Continue Reading →

Tolerance, where are you gone?

I used to be a tolerant person. Meaning that I was very much for full personal freedom. As long as you do not hurt anybody, then do what you want. That, of course, changed after I had kids. It changed... Continue Reading →

Mother’s body

I have never really been very happy with my body. As a child, I was not the fastest because (as I have learned just recently) I have hyper mobile joints, which makes it more difficult to achieve high speed and... Continue Reading →

1st birthdays

I have not posted in nearly 3 months. It has been a challenging and busy time. Baby V has started in a daycare institution (vuggestue in danish) and I have left my corporate job. No, I am not taking up... Continue Reading →

“Having it all” and men

I have always believed that feminism (should) reward men just as much as women. Feminism is (although often misunderstood) as advocacy of equality of sexes. It has traditionally focused on women's rights ¬†- for many good reasons. However, I do... Continue Reading →

When it’s all worth it

We have had many little projects recently and one of them was to create a shared room for my two girls (nearly 4 yrs and nearly 9 months). We have successfully executed last Sunday and they have been sharing the... Continue Reading →

Holidays with small children

I wanted to write this post for about a month now. But were too busy with the holidays. Or recovering from it. That pretty much sums up what holidays with small children are like... Yes, it is hard and stressful... Continue Reading →

What we are good at (and how we are bad at showing that)

I was reading an article about¬†Chantal Patel today. She is one of the few female partners at a lawyer company, which apparently has hard time keeping its female talents. According to her, many women get demotivated when during lunch or... Continue Reading →

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